Nov 22 - Dec 21
Today Weekly Monthly
From January 18, 2021 to January 24, 2021
This is the week when your professional year can gain some serious traction or there could be significant changes or breakthroughs, even if it is just in the way that you look at or approach things. This is because of an alignment between Mars and Uranus on Wednesday and Thursday, their first in your busy work sector in eight decades. However, this is not just about work and job matters for this could also inspire you to become more active, hit the gym or take a proactive approach to your health. This could create a radical rethink of how you choose to spend your time and energy and while this could create some unexpected shifts, the most significant are likely to happen within, from a change of attitude or perspective. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to a playful part of your chart on Monday before joining Mars and Uranus in the second half of the week is a chance to start the week with the right balance between work and play.
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