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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?
Aug 23 - Sep 22

Virgo is represented by female, the only zodiac sign to be represented so. They are very particular about cleanliness and hygiene and take great pain to lead a healthy and clean life. They are very precise, refined and have aristocratic nature. They have very good observation skills, are critical about their environment, judicious and shrewd. They have a very conservative attitude, and are not so much open to change and maintain in believing the status quo. They are patient, practical and do not have too much emotions. This might make them appear as emotionally cold and devoid of feelings. They are great experts in suppressing their emotions and are not very good in making friends or getting into relationships. They usually keep to themselves and do not come too close to other people, or let others come too close to them. Thus they will have very small friends circle and are usually not part of large groups. The reason they do not mingle too much with people is due to their lack of trust in others. It is hard for them to readily confide to others and also they do not trust their own judgement skills. They are aware of their shortcomings and weaknesses. They have very less pride in them and accept their faults and mistakes. They try to deal with shortcomings by trying to hide them from the outside world. Even though they will be smiling and cheerful on the outside, they will be very critical about themselves on the inside. They will always be struggling to hide their defects from the rest of the world. They are very good in understanding people's problems and can also be very good in providing a helping hand or a comforting company when people are in trouble. They are charming and dignified and are very responsible about their duties and responsibilities, be it in their personal life of professional life. They can make great employees, spouses and parents. They are perfectionists who are very particular about what they want and how it needs to be done. They will not easily compromise on what they want. They are very intelligent and have an inquisitive nature. They are organised, methodical, logical and practical individuals. They are receptive and open to learn new things and explore new ideas and do not rigidly stick to their own ideas all the time. They are people who can easily be tamed or taught to do something. They can deal with any complicated problems in life and are very good in dealing with minute details, but in the process they miss out on the larger issues of life. They are realists and do not waste time pursuing for things that may not materialise. They are thorough about their work and can analyze a situation from all the angles, before reaching a conclusion. They like a healthy life, hygiene, order and wholesomeness. 

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