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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?
Nov 22 - Dec 21

Sagittarius - A Sagittarius astrology sign is one of the most positive and optimistic signs of all. They are free spirited freedom loving individuals who are very fun loving. They have a very good sense of humour and will keep people jovial in their company. They are very honest and straightforward who are also intelligent and philosophical. Some of their bad qualities are that they are too optimistic to the level of being impractical. They are careless and do not take their responsibilities seriously. They are too superficial and have dual personality. They appear something from the outside but are different people on the inside. They value their freedom a lot and will not compromise with it at any cost. They will not get stuck with one failure and will always look for other alternatives if one thing does not work out. They survive till the end and do not easily give up. They come up with unusual ideas and have the quality in them to implement them. They want to make full use of their life and enjoy it to the maximum. They have a very good and helping nature and will never turn anyone down. They never hesitate to help others, infact it is very difficult for them to say no to anyone. They are very generous when it comes to doing something for others. They are highly energetic and adventurous and are never sacred to do anything in life. They like taking chances and venturing into the unknown. They have the courage in them to do what no one has done before. They are versatile and eager to gather new experiences from all the sources. They love to travel and explore new places. They value honour, honesty, trust and truth. They are not so diplomatic and do not know how to play politics with people. They are simple straightforward people for whom black is black and white is white. They do to know how to twist and turn people, places and incidences and do their work sincerely. They are outdoor people who prefer staying out and getting involved in activities rather than stay at home. They are modest in their attitude and approach and have a very strong conscience and high sense of morality. They aspire to achieve great things in life and have the required energy and enthusiasm to pursue it diligently. They have a very strong will which takes them to the end of any endeavour. They are capable enough to complete any project they get involved in. They hate monotony in life and will always be on the lookout for new ideas and sources of fun. They do not like people disapproving their decisions, ideas and opinions. They are not the ones to play safe, they like taking risks and playing around. They dislike public disapproval, being refused or rejected. They will put in all they have to get approval of what they do. 

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