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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?
Jul 23 - Aug 22

Leo, the lion are natural born leaders. They have a very strong, dominant attitude and they want to rule the world. They are also very honest, loyal and giving people. Anybody belonging to Leo sign are brave, not afraid to take risks and will always stand up to themselves and for those they care for. They are also very creative and spontaneous. It is a masculine sign who has the confidence to do everything or face any challenge that comes their way. It gives them a chance to show their valour and courage. They have a very positive attitude towards life and will be ready to deal with any situation that comes their way. They do not easily give up and fight till the end to achieve what they believe in. Sometimes they tend to be bossy, proud and arrogant and do not listen to others ideas and opinions and believe that they are right every time and everywhere. This makes them a sort of arrogant. However if you are one of their close friends then they will value your friendship and will be very loyally dedicated to your friendship. They will be there whenever you need them, and will never turn you down or let you down. They are ambitious, courageous, independent and intelligent. They are very straightforward and do not like beating around their bush. They are very vocal about their opinions, be it positive or negative. They speak their mind and do not put up a false attitude. They have very short temper and tend to get angry easily, but they will calm down equally fast. They are very loyal and hate treachery or hostility. They are not so open with criticism and dislike people who question their authority or ideas. They are very expressive, outgoing, fearless, kind and generous and have an indomitable spirit. They easily trust their friends and close ones. They are not very good in judging people and their characters, thus they tend to be cheated quite often. They have very high expectations from their close ones. They work hard to achieve what they want and love being rewarded and recognised for it. They are attracted to the material comforts of life and enjoy living a comfortable and luxurious life. They like to live in an environment which is aesthetically pleasing and materialistically comfortable and luxurious. They have a very strong sexuality and it is difficult to match their strength and stamina. One of their greatest drawbacks is their ego, which they hold on to too closely. They have self confidence which is good, but sometimes it becomes extreme making them rigid and stubborn. They won't accept their mistakes easily and believe that most of their actions, ideas and opinions are correct. They have a very strong and magnetic attitude and personality which helps them achieve popularity among people. 

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