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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?
May 21 - Jun 20

Gemini is a mutable sign ruled by Mercury. People belonging to Gemini are very energetic, curious, and charismatic and have a very good sense of humour. They have very strong imaginative powers and love to live in the world of fantasy. They have a very inquisitive nature, thus they explore everything that comes their way and holds good knowledge about everything. They love gathering information and ideas and sharing them with people. They are very good in making conversations and find it easy to articulate their thoughts. They are intelligent and are logical. They hate staying idle and will always be fondling or playing with something. They like to get to the roots of anything that comes across them. They are good in multitasking and are interested in anything that comes their way. Being the sign of the twins they are always jostling between two personalities. When one personality tries to be dominant the other tries to take over, leaving them confused. Hence this is the reason why they cannot stick to one thing for a long time. They will easily lose interest in one thing and start wandering to other sources of adventure and fun. They are not the people to stick with one thing for a long time, until the same thing keeps on providing them with different kinds of excitement. Their dual nature confuses the people around them because they can be totally different people at different times. Their personality can change in a split of a second. As a child Geminis can become very sweet and adorable but at the same time very naughty and mischievous. They are very outspoken and will devour any kind of information and still will be asking for more. This constant thirst for knowledge and information will make them smarter than other kids, at a very early age. Geminis will have both good and bad, positive and negative, light and dark, master and slave, ugly and beautiful and every form of duality that can exist. However they will try to focus more on the positive aspects of their personality rather than the negative one. They like only the pleasant things in life and try to avoid the unpleasant ones as much as possible. They have very strong concentration powers which will help them to focus on one subject and extract the maximum information about them. When it comes to decision making Geminis are not very good at it. They need someone's guidance and advice to make important decisions of their life. As their mind is always at work, mental fatigue and tiredness is quite frequent in them. They are fond of playing pranks on people. They will always be looking for sources of fun and excitement. They love change and new environments as it constantly keeps them providing with new objects to explore and learn about. Anything new and they will just grab it to explore it to its last screw. 

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