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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?
Dec 22 - Jan 19

Capricorn - a Capricorn individual is very practical and prudent. They are highly disciplined and ambitious people, who take every step of their life patiently and carefully. Most of the time they keep to themselves and are reserved. However at times they tend to be too pessimistic and complaining. They tend to be grudgy and complaining. They are very organised, neat and tidy. They know how to discipline themselves and have very strong ethics. They are serious about their duties and responsibilities. They value conventionality and are conservative in their approach. They give importance to authority and have a high sense of dedication. They also value materialistic possessions and sometimes can be a little egoistic. When it comes to stability they are very good in it. They are independent and have a very strong character. Their confidence, strong will power, shrewd and hardworking nature makes them one of the most perfect individuals of all. They are not much emotional and are very persistent. They can stick to one thing for a very long period of time until they complete their task. They are not the ones to leave things midway and start with something else. Once they start something, they will make sure that they will finish it. They are very reliable and trustworthy. They will never let anyone down who trusts them. They are very resourceful and can be of great help in times of need. They set very high standard for themselves and work hard to achieve and maintain it. They are honest and critical about themselves and are always striving for constant improvement. They give a lot of importance to discipline and know how to respect their elders and people above them. They are very stubborn and will stand to what they say and do. The never give up in difficult situations and fight till the end. They put the welfare of their families and their loved ones before their own and will selflessly work towards the benefit of others. They are very clear about their goals and ambitions and will plan every step carefully to reach there. They respect authority but are unwilling to oblige to someone else's authority. They are fair in their dealings and sometimes they can be bit demanding. They are conservative and give a lot of importance to traditions. They can be boring company as they are reserved, composed and humourless. They seem unhappy, melancholic, and pessimist. Most of the time they like to keep it to themselves and do not mingle with other too much. They have frequent mood swings and can be extremely happy at one time and depressed the next moment. They have subtle intelligence and are profound thinkers. They take time to arrive at decisions and will weigh all the options carefully before they decide on something. They are logical, rational, good orators and confident individuals who can argue for themselves and get things done the way they want. 

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