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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?
Jun 21 - Jul 22

Cancer is one of the most emotional of all zodiac signs. They are shy, reserved, timid, withdrawn and very emotional. They are very homely people, who find ultimate happiness and comfort at the four walls of their home. They are not very outgoing or extroverted. They like the security of their home and will confine themselves to their house to prevent themselves from being hurt by the outside world. They are very sensitive and can get hurt easily. They are very afraid of getting hurt, especially emotionally, so they built up a wall around them and do not let anyone come too close to them, for fear of being hurt. If they are hurt, then they will withdraw themselves, just like a crab does, from the outside world. They are also very sensitive and sympathetic to the needs of others. They have multiple dual characteristic in them like they are tough and tender, emotional and romantic, possessive and loyal etc. They have a very good memory and will hardly forget how people treat them or behave with them. If you have ever hurt them they won't forgive and forget easily. They are highly opinionated and will never let you forget your mistake. With their critical nature, they can either be great friends or worst enemies. However if you are their friend, they will not pretend to do something to keep your friendship. They will value your friendship and will genuinely make an effort and play their part well to keep the friendship alive. Even though they are tough and appear cold from outside, they are very emotional and sensitive on the inside. They are very compassionate and love to be cared and loved for. They hold on to their past too strongly and will hardly let it go. They are wise and philosophical but sometimes tend to fantasize too much. They are creative, good in drama and artistic pursuits and possess a good literary talent. They are very good in absorbing and processing information. Some of their negative characteristics are that, they can be sulky, moody, and have too much of self pity. They give a lot of importance to their feelings and take great pain to protect them. Sometimes they even go through inferiority complex; however they also believe that their opinion, ideas and suggestions are superior to the others. They are very giving and selfless and will never return anyone empty handed who come to them for help. They are usually contented with what they have will never run after something that is too superficial or materialistic. They are highly committed to their family and will always be encouraging people to do good deeds. They make people feel wanted and loved, because that is what they want from other people. They are trustworthy and reliable. They will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed in their company. They believe in being cared and caring for others. 

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