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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?
Mar 21 - Apr 19

Aries  is the first sign of the zodiac. People belonging to the aries horoscope sign are the most energetic and lively of all the other horoscope signs. Aries sign is the most active of all the zodiac signs and individuals belonging to these zodiac signs are independent, courageous and adventurous. They have a very open mind and a charming and magnetic personality. They enjoy attention and praise give importance to their own development and improvement. They are selfless, always ready to help others and with no ego at all. They love making people happy and being of help to others. They are very playful and can be immature at times. They do not like solitude and will always be looking forward to be part of a crowd. And the crowd will always be ready to welcome them as they bring fun and banter to the group. They love change and for them their freedom is of utmost importance. They do not have the quality to stay in one place for a long time because they are too restless. Also the enormous amount of energy they have in them will not let them be confined to one place. They will always be on the move, looking of new avenues and greener pastures, which brings excitement and fun in their life. They love challenges and dealing with them. They are always open for any kind of situations and are prepared to deal with them. They do not take time to analyze and study a matter properly before arriving at conclusions. Thus they take decisions in haste and might have to regret later. They are very childish and can be immature at times. Since aries astrology sign begin with the spring equinox, which is the beginning of seasons, they are like a fresh start. They can also be very good leaders as they can encourage people very well and are courageous to enter into new ventures. They are protective of the people they love and care for. They love to exercise authority and hate being confined by rules and regulations. They are free spirited individuals for whom the world is a playground. They treat the world as their canvass where they can unleash their creativity and give shape to their imagination. 

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