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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?
Jan 20 - Feb 18

Aquarius - they are some of the most friendly and humble people one can find. They have a huge heart and a soft corner for all the humanitarian issues of the world. It is difficult for them to see other people in trouble and they will be ever ready to help them. They have very strong and attractive personalities and are very loyal and honest. Aquarius is basically of two types, one is shy, gentle and sensitive and the other is vibrant, exuberant and lively. Both types have very strong character and personality. They never hesitate to accept their mistake if they discover that they have been at fault and have the decency to apologise if they have hurt anyone. They are very impartial in their judgements and do not easily jump into conclusions without analysing all aspects of the problem. They are too dreamy and imaginative and sometimes tend to be impractical, living in a world of fantasies and dreams. They dream of a utopian world where everyone is selfless and truthful. They value their independence and freedom and will never compromise or trade it with anything. They do not like to be bound by rules and traditions and are free spirited individuals for whom the world is their canvass. They are tolerant and can easily adapt and adjust to people and situations. They are obedient, accepting and idealistic. Ego is not a part of their personality and they are always willing to sit and talk to sort the matters out. They do not take a stand and rigidly stick to it. They are very imaginative and expressive. They run wild with their imaginations and express themselves in a reasonable way. They are intelligent and very clear about their thoughts and opinions. Sometimes they prefer to withdraw themselves from the commotion of the world and spend some time alone. Other times they enjoy the company of people and being in the limelight. They like to make their own rules rather than follow the crowd. They like to live their life without interference, on their own terms. They have very good taste in everything, be it clothes, art, drama, music etc. They are extrovert and always ready to mingle with the crowd. They do not easily give up in life and fight tough situations with strong determination. They have a very good judgement about people and can easily distinguish fake people from others. This helps them to find friends who are truthful and loyal like them. They can exert positive influence on people. They are always ready to do anything for people they love and care. They are very demanding emotionally, which might disappoint them at times as everyone will not be able to keep up with their emotional needs. They hate betrayal and treason and if they are deceived they will not forgive and forget easily. They are very philanthropic and humanitarian. 

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